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Collection ABDUZ University of Aberdeen, Zoology Museum
Object Number ABDUZ:CLD07
Object Name Mammalia collection: mounted specimens (Collection Description)
Brief Description The Zoology Museum cares for 230 mounted mammalia specimens, including the heads of 35 Artiodactyla mammals. A variety of antelopes are represented amongst these heads, including Oryx, Coke's Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Eland, Gazelle, Great and Lesser Kudu, Topi and Impala. The Museum also owns heads belonging to a Bison, a Dik Dik, several deer and one Cashmir wild goat. The Mammalia mounted specimens collection includes many full-bodied specimens as well as heads. The majority of the mounted specimens belong to the Rodentia, Carnivora and Primate orders. A broad range of Rodentia are covered. The museum owns mounted specimens of a marmot, jerboa, hamster, lemming, two Porcupine species, squirrels, several species of mice, and a South American guinea pig, for instance. The collection also includes around 40 mounted black and brown rats, 15 mounted voles and mounted hedgehogs, minks and stoats. Many of the rats were collected by A. Start and J.D. Start in Kenya and the USA during the 1960s. Among the Carnivora are several mounted specimens of otters and stoats, as well as mounted specimens of a weasel, polecat, wild cat, Kellas cat, pine marten, ring-tailed coati, mongoose, palm civet, foxes (including 2 arctic foxes) and two tigers. The following Primates are represented in the mounted mammalia collection: gibbon, chimpanzee, baboon, pig-tailed macaque, rhesus monkey, grass monkey, white-nosed monkey, marmoset (2 species), white-faced capuchin, bush baby and lemur. Several other orders are represented within the mounted mammalia collection, including Marsupials (a wallaby, common wombat, ashy opossum, koala, brush-tailed phalanger and rusty numbat), Monotremata (4 duck-billed platypus specimens), Artiodactyla, Pilosa and Cingulata.

Highlights in the collection include three giant flying squirrels, a mounted Bengal tiger (see CITES collection-level description) and the Kellas cat from lowland Aberdeenshire. The Kellas cat is a hybrid between wild and domestic cats which is found in Scotland. This cat was thought to be mythological until the 1980s.

Super collection: Zoology Museum.
Sub-collection: Mammalia: John Flux Mountain Hare collection.

Objects: Mounted mammalia specimens: Carnivora ; Rodentia ; Xenarthra ; Hyracoidea ; Soricomorpha ; Marsupials ; Monotremata ; Artiodactyla ; Primates.
Period Dates of collection: Mainly 1900 - 1950. Many of the mounted Artiodactyla heads were collected in British East Africa during the 1900s and 1910s.
Place Key Australia ; Africa ; North America ; Scotland (especially Aberdeenshire) ; South America.
Field Collector A. Start ; J. D. Start; others.
Associated Object ABDUZ:CLD08; ABDUZ:CLD06
Notes Associated collections: Mammalia collection: skeletal specimens ; Mammalia collection: skins.
Acquisition Note Custodial history for some of the highlights in this collection:
The Bengal tiger was donated by Customs and Excise in recognition of the Zoology Museum's involvement in conservation education with young people. The skin was seized by Customs and Excise at Aberdeen Airport whilst being exported to the Middle East. The skin was mounted by a taxidermist in Deeside, Scotland.
The Kellas Cat was mounted by George Jamieson, who used to work in the Zoology Department in the early 1970s.

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